Fratt, the Frog....

11. března 2007 v 13:08 | Kajushka |  Diddl....=)

Name: Fratt, the Frog
Animal species: Fat-frog
Date of birth: 29th February 1992
Star sign: Globefish, hee hee hee (Pisces)

Height: four frogs' legs long
Weight: two fatfly hundredweight

Colour of hair: invisible
Colour of eyes: black
Hairstyle: shiny bald
Special characteristics: fat dewlap, green eyelids

Place of birth: Frog Island
Place of residence: a hut in the Toadbogs

My hobbies: playing mean tricks on Diddl and his friends

What I would like to become: meatfly breeder

What I think is cool: kicking Friedl's backside

What I don't like: when Friedl trips me up, when my tongue gets stuck to Friedl's

What I'm good at: parroting Fritt, snapping my tongue, doing gross belly-flops in the water

What I'm not so good at: swimming, catching flies with my tongue

Favourite music: folk music, "The Wildecker Heartfroggies"

Favourite colour: grass-green

Favourite food: Manurefield meatflies, XXL

Favourite drink: Froca-Cola

Favourite clothes: my make-ya-slim striped shorts

Favourite film: "The Frog Prince from Forestwood"

I'm a fan of: Julia Frogberts

My greatest wish: a girlfriend


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