11. března 2007 v 12:10 | Kajushka |  Diddl....=)

Name: Pimboli
Animal species: cuddle-teddy
Date of birth: 13th December 1998, 24 hours
Star sign: Sagittarius

Height: half the size of Diddl, one and a half cheese-foot twenty-five
Weight: as much as a full pot of honey

Colour of hair: I think it's called "natural sienna"
Colour of eyes: black
Hairstyle: pummelled tufts
Special characteristics: red pummelled nose

Place of birth: Southwest Knautschanien
Place of residence: in his crumple case in Diddl's cheese cave

My hobbies: having adventures with Diddl, playing with Mimihopps

What I would like to become: a freelance case and holiday tester

What I think is cool: Ackaturbo, Diddl's fantastic attic tree

What I don't like: being alone, the dark, the mean Frog Brothers

What I'm good at: pummelling

What I'm not so good at: reading, being brave

Favourite music: honey-sweet smoochy heavy metal music

Favourite colour: luminous honey-brown-gold-yellow

Favourite food: Honey

Favourite drink: "Mushysweet Blossom LemHonade"

Favourite clothes: my fluffy sleeping cap and slippers

Favourite film: "The Day Honey Came"

I'm a fan of: Mimihopps, Robbie Diddliams

My greatest wish: to find Southwest Knautschanien one day, and that no more dangerous things ever happen in the world


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